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Strike Force Heroes 3

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Description: Play game Strike Force Heroes 3 on The game Strike Force Heroes 3 is the best games on 8ballpool.

 Each mission requires varying objectives, and includes various forms of rewards. For instance, Mission 1 is a one vs. one Team Deathmatch round, where you fight against an opposing team consisting of one single player. The person at the end of this mission that accumulates the most kills will win and receive the reward – a new class to add to your team! This round unlocks the Gunslinger class.
Mission 2 is a two vs. two Domination match. Similar to the Team Deathmatch, your objective is to achieve the most number of kills in order to win the prize – a new blueprint as well as an additional hero. However, this new hero is not of a new class. Instead, you are able to add an additional Engineer. The blueprint that you receive by winning this round will allow you to build and unlock a new item that your heroes can use! This item can then be purchased in the shop, received on the slot machine, or received as a random reward!
By successfully completing Mission 3 – the two vs. two Team Deathmatch mission – you can expand your military base! This mission is set up similar to the first mission, where you are in a match to the death against an opposing team, except this time you are allowed to use two heroes instead of just one.

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