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Happy Wheels

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Description: Play game Happy Wheels on Play the game Happy Wheels is the best game on 8ballpool games.

The instructions for each Happy Wheels level change as you progress through the game. While they will be displayed in detail below the field of play, the general instructions remain the same: 
1. Get your character through the board whatever way you can—preferably in one piece and not a half-body crawling zombie that looks like it escaped from the set of the Walking Dead! 
2. Follow the in-game instructions for hints about what to do next. Meet each goal on each level to progress through the game—or just give up and pick another level once you've figured out every way to die! 
3. Hit MENU to restart or choose another level. You'll be doing this a lot. 
Use the UP arrow to move right (forward) and the DOWN arrow to move back (left). Space is typically a JUMP button and the left and right arrows allow you to lean your momentum forward (right) or back (left). The “Z” button allows you to eject from your wheeled craft, something that can be necessary, hilarious or both. The SHIFT and CTRL buttons can be used as secondary actions to the space bar (your primary action) on certain levels. What these actions are depends on the level (figuring it out is half the fun!).

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